a pharmacist and an elderly customerAt Cherry Hill Pharmacy, we keep our prices low but the quality of our products will stay uncompromised. You only get the very best service from our team at the price you can afford:

Here are some of our service features!

  • Prescription filled in minutes
  • Free Local Deliveries
  • Automatic Refills when requested
  • Easy Rx Transfer from any pharmacy
  • Mail services
  • Free Consultations
  • Over-the-counter medications
  • All insurance accepted
  • Free Glucometer for diabetic patients
  • Free Dearborn Press & Guide newspapers
  • We carry Leaning Tree & Avanti Greeting Cards
  • Special Order: any medication needed, available the next working day
  • Easy Access Parking Lot
  • All around friendly and reassuring services offered to all of our patients
  • We Support Dearborn Animal Shelter
  • Providing Best Prices for Pets

How can we help you? Visit our drugstore or call us at 313-274-5990.

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